Our team of subtitling and audiovisual translation experts will provide you with digital subtitle files ready for broadcast. Alternatively, we can deliver HD digital videos and blu-rays at the original resolution with embedded ad hoc subtitles in the style, format, color and font you prefer, ready for streaming at film festivals and events. 

We’re mainly active in the cinema and TV industries, subtitling feature films and TV series and shows for major studios and post-production houses, online content and VOD providers as well as filmmakers worldwide. Besides, our long-standing experience in specialist translation also makes us the perfect team for corporate and training videos.

We support all major industry-standard subtitle file formats.

If you’re looking to use your subtitles on YouTube, you will be able to do so in a matter of a few clicks as we also support the “YouTube Ready” format (sbv). We can provide subtitles in a WebVTT format that can be used for live streaming HTML5 video. It’s one of the most popular formats among Web TV channels broadcasting on the Internet. We can also deliver subtitles ready for VOD providers (e.g. Netflix) as well as .itt files for productions to be distributed on iTunes.

We can deliver subtitles in a Final Draft format for you to directly import and edit your dialog while finalizing your screenplay.  Likewise, we also offer translation services in Final Draft. If you need to translate a script/screenplay, do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, we can export timecoded subtitles to MS Word if you want to assign the subtitle translation to your own translators’ pool. They will be able to translate and overwrite the source text in a standard word processor, while leaving the timecodes unaltered. They will receive detailed instructions on how to avoid imparing subtitle readability for your final audience.

The IT Pros Subtitles team works with advanced professional subtitling tools, such as SubtitleNEXT, Annotation Edit, EZTitles, Wincaps.

The processing chain, from spotting through to permanent subtitle embedding, takes place within the SSL-secure NEXT-TT platform, which is hosted on our internal server and keeps your audiovisual material in-house, while allowing the entire team to operate remotely across the entire chain and use our advanced subtitling tools to guarantee for a quality service within reasonable turnarounds.

Be wary of improvised services. Quality subtitles are those you don’t remember having read after the screening.

It may sound like magic, but in order for that to happen, they will have to be flawless in terms of translation and adaptation as well as follow very strict technical guidelines that are based on eye-tracking studies, that over the years have been investigating the viewers’ eye movements during the screenings.

Such guidelines have to do with: 

  • Accurate IN and OUT times
  • Smart syntax division and text condensation
  • Frame accuracy
  • Speech rhythm compliance
  • Number of characters per line, and of lines per subtitle
  • Frame interval between subtitles
  • Minimum and maximum exposure times
  • Reading speed
  • Working around shot and scene changes
  • Other aspects to be taken into account based on the particular audiovisual content
Don’t waste the hard work and money invested in your audiovisual production. Leave subtitling to the pros.