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Poor subtitling is the quickest way to waste the hard work and money invested in your audiovisual production. Be wary of improvised services. Good quality subtitles are those you don’t remember reading after viewing your favorite film or series.

In order for that to happen, they have to be flawless from a language point of view (translation and adaptation), but they also have to meet very stringent guidelines that have been developed based on eye-tracking studies that have examined viewers’ eye movements during audiovisual screenings (technical requirements).

Such guidelines have to do with:
– Accurate IN and OUT times, time to audio
– Frame rate management                                                                          – Smart text condensation
– Speech rhythm compliance                                                                      – Number of characters per line
– Number of lines per subtitle
– Frame interval between subtitles
– Minimum and maximum exposure
– Reading speed
– Syntax division
– Working around shot and scene changes
– Other individual aspects to consider based on the particular AV content

Leave subtitling to the pros for top-quality, beautiful subtitles. For further information about subtitling, pls. read



Multilingual subtitling

Professional subtitling services meeting the strictest quality standards and international subtitling guidelines.

SDH subtitling

Monolingual subtitles for the hard of hearing.

Audiovisual and subtitle translation

Translation services by certified experienced linguists for subtitling, dubbing or voiceover use.

Subtitle permanent embedding

Subtitled HD digital files or blurays for immediate hassle-free screening.